Our Programs

Composed of 10 - 12 students of various experience. This group class is a great way to begin your introduction to Jeet Kune Do. Lessons taught include grappling, weapons, self defense, street fighting and Jeet Kune Do techniques. Learn discipline, improve your self esteem, relieve stress all while getting in shape through a good workout. And remember: what you learn could even save your life. Classes are 60 minutes long and meet once a week.

Master Raimondi can provide personal training exclusively for one or two students. Workout routines are designed based on the student's experience, skill and fitness level. Classes are 60 minutes long and meet once a week.

Our certified fitness instructors can help improve your strength and conditioning whatever shape you are in. Our fitness regimen can enhance your joint mobility, flexibility and core strength to reduce your risks to injuries. For advanced students we have bodyweight exercises, calisthenics and high intensity interval training. We train seriously but also have fun!


Jeet Kune Do Roselle Park
110 Chestnut Street, Roselle Park, NJ 07204